As a professional stylist, I’m lucky to have what I consider a fortunate reality – the privilege of using my creative side and eye for fashion to create unique looks. It’s more than a career; it’s where I thrive. And having the chance to collaborate with industry professionals, work with models, brides and salons, and even public figures provides invaluable experience, gives me purpose, and truly solidifies my love for the beauty industry.

Color, contour, texture, and shape are all part of accentuating the beauty and creating an image. I’ve learned how best to weave them together and use them to my advantage. You can see it in my work, in the diversity of my clients, and in what clients have to say. Having skills, a professional attitude and a respect for creative arts goes a long way – it does for me and certainly will for you. 

Best Regards,

Stephanie Potter

Pro Hair Stylist | Pro Make Up Artist | L'oreal Pro Team Artist